CBM Partners Corp is focused on the exploration and development of coal bed methane (CBM) resources around the globe. Our fundamental objective is the extraction of CBM from CBM reservoirs in an effort to maximize the overall long term return to the shareholders by creating, producing, and operating CBM plays by means of our own 30 years practical in field experience and knowledge with hands on labor efforts.

Our business strategy:

  • to acquire large prospective land blocks for the extraction of CBM;
  • to maintain a multi project portfolio of potential developments and projects at different stages of exploration, marketing, funding appraisal and development;
  • to form creative financing and joint venture positions;
  • to use technology and experience to keep field designs simple yet with consistant operation; and
  • to maintain a relentless, low cost focus by means of our own fabrication network for all types of equipment used in CBM extraction.

The countries we primarily focus on:

  • India
  • China
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • USA

With over 300 people on staff we have the skills, commitment, and experience to reach our goals. Within our organization we have built a strong on staff team of engineers, designers, in-field technicians and production specialists who can provide hands on task completion and training to even the newest employees and for the newest developments in CBM extraction for any company in the gas industry.

The quality and experience of our staff represents a competitive advantage as most in our staff have served in all aspects of production and now specialize in their field of interest.

CBM Partners was formed by merging activities and experience of Dugan Production Corporation and Red Mountain Energy Corporation.

Dugan Production Corporation (DPC)

a US-based company established under the laws of New Mexico.

Type of Business: Oil and gas exploration and production in USA and Canada.

DPC went into business Feb. 1, 1959 and was incorporated in 1961.

Ownership: independent company owned by private individuals.

Organizational Structure: DPC has 4 Divisional companies, 1 Subsidiary Company, and 20 Partnerships Companies.

DPC owns and operates 1506 wells, most of which are coal bed methane wells. DPC has interest in several thousand more wells across the USA and Canada.

DPC operates its producing wells on a dedicated area of total 128000 hectares of land which is developed for operations.

DPC owns an additional 43000 hectares of non-producing frontier property for exploration.

DPC has drilling operations which add approximately 2 new wells per week to its current production.

DPC has its own fabrication facility setting on 30 hectares of land and contains over 13000 m2 of available shop space for all types of fabrication and assembly needs .

Although DPC has no official market valuation, its assets are estimated to be in hundreds of millions of dollars.

IN ADDITION TO ITS OWN WELLS, DPC ALSO, contract operates for 11 companies.
DPC has been operating with these 11 companies for over 20 years.

DPC owns 5 of its own rigs used for well work over operations.

Red Mountain Energy Corporation (RMEC)

a US-based company established under the laws of Nevada.

Type of Business: Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) in the following areas: a) natural gas compression; b) natural gas treatment and processing; c) air separation industries.

Geographically the focus of RMEC is in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries, USA and China.

Date established: RMEC went into business in 2000 and was incorporated in 2004.

Ownership: independent company owned by private individuals.

Organizational Structure: RMEC owns three subsidiary EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) companies in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, owns a U.S. engineering company specialized in natural gas processing plants, and is a major shareholder in an air separation company in China.

Since its inception the company has realized over a two hundred projects of various size and complexity in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus.

To go to Red Mountain Energy Corporation web site, follow the link: to Red Mountain Energy Corporation